I am a CMC (Civil Mediation Council) registered mediator, trained in workplace, community, civil and commercial mediation.

I offer a totally confidential and independent service. I will guide you sensitively through the mediation process, from a private one-to-one meeting to establish what’s going on, through to a carefully managed joint meeting involving the other person or people with whom you have a disagreement. I will enable you to have the best possible conversation together and achieve the outcome you feel is in your best interests. I will help you avoid resorting to a costly legal case with an uncertain outcome or having to endure living in perpetual conflict.


  • Have you fallen out with your neighbour over noise, anti-social behaviour or a boundary disagreement?
  • Is there a problem at your workplace (such as discrimination, bullying, harassment, a personality clash) between employees, or between staff and management, that’s affecting how they do their jobs?
  • Are you in dispute with your landlord or tenant, or with a business client or service provider? 
  • Are family members at odds over how best to care for children or elderly relatives or over a life event or inheritance issues? 

These are just a few of the many flashpoints that create conflict between people.

A mediator can help people in conflict take a step back and explore how they might resolve their differences, repair relationships and avoid difficult situations spiralling out of control and potentially ending up in court.

Sometimes it’s not possible for both participants in a dispute to come together. In this case a mediator will work with just one participant to help them regain control of the situation. This is known as ‘conflict coaching’. 


Most disputes are down to a breakdown in communication. I’ve spent my whole career working in communications – in the charity sector, in the media and in the political world – helping people connect with others and convey their stories and messages in the most effective way. My journalistic background means I have the insight to ask the critical questions that can help unlock a stalemate. My empathy and warmth together with my highly developed listening and communication skills enable me to help you reach a resolution and move forward with your life or your business.

I currently take on private cases as well as working with several mediation services – CALM, the Tower Hamlets Mediation Project, Ealing Mediation Service and West Sussex Mediation Service, offering both mediation and conflict coaching. I also volunteer for the Free Mediation Project, run by the Society of Mediators, for whom I have conducted civil mediations at the Central London County Court.

My previous experience working at assorted organisations – including the BBC, the National Council for Voluntary Organisations and various political parties and campaign groups – means I’m comfortable operating in diverse workplace sectors and settings. And my time spent supporting a wide range of people, from schoolkids to the elderly, from celebrities to those with experience of homelessness and prison, means I’m well equipped to put at ease clients from all walks of life.

No one wants to live in conflict. No one needs to. There is almost always a way to make things better. And that’s what I can do for you.


If you are interested in using my services or just want an initial chat, do get in touch by emailing me: greengiselle7@gmail.com

You can also find me on LinkedIn